PMC MDCAT Online Preparation 2022 | Practice MCQs and Exam Tips

PMC MDCAT Online Preparation 2022 | Practice MCQs and Exam Tips

Every year, PMC Islamabad administers the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) for the colleges that the Pakistan Medical Commission recognises (PMC). The examination is good for two years. You must do online MDCAT entry test preparation, prepare the whole MDCAT curriculum, and manage the entire syllabus effectively using time management techniques. This post will provide you with some background information on the MDCAT, online test preparation advice, and links to useful resources for MDCAT study.

About MDCAT 2022

Let's take a peek at the MDCAT entry test to learn more about it.

  • 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) arranged into four sections make up this MDCAT test's paper format.
  • Biology (68MCQs)
  • Chemistry (56MCQs)
  • Physics (56MCQs)
  • English (General for language proficiency containing 20 MCQs)
  • 10 MCQs for Logical Reasoning
  • Validity: The MDCAT is only valid for two years following a student's attempt. If the time frame is up, students will try again.
  • Students from Punjab, Islamabad, and Gilgit Baltistan are eligible to apply for the seats that are set aside for them. If they have completed the SAT, dual nationality holders and overseas Pakistanis are also eligible to take this test.
  • Age restriction: No age restriction has yet been established, as per Pakistan Medical Commission regulations.

How-to advice

As you proceed, you will learn the strategies that will best prepare you for the MDCAT, but you must maintain three preparation efforts.

It is evident that 300 out of the 200 MCQs are simple on the first try. Therefore, it would be advisable to prepare these first. It's important to keep in mind that there are no failed inquiries.

Choose the intermediate-level questions on your second attempt even if they seem a little more challenging to you. Simply go after them and make it creatively.

Take on all the challenging parts that you feel will be problematic in your third effort. Simply keep them fresh in your mind and go over what you covered before in the curriculum.

Let's look at the top advice for preparing for the MDCAT 2022 exam.

  • perseverance and intense drive
  • Take precise advice
  • Boost your areas of weakness
  • Plan your schedule.
  • Utilize internet tools for preparing for the MDCAT admission test.
  • Prepare documents from the past five years.
  • Keep your cool and unwind.

1. Resilience and intense drive

Without tenacity and drive, nothing is ever accomplished. You must establish consistent, regular habits and routines. The person who will persevere through all of his preparatory efforts will get the most benefits. You may have noticed that many brilliant kids were still enrolled simply because they lacked persistence. As a result of their constant, modest efforts, a group of mediocre pupils, nonetheless, have qualified. As a consequence, you must make sure that you persist for the greatest outcomes.

Watch the MDCAT success stories that are available online as well to give yourself daily motivation to strive even harder.

2. Follow sound advice

To be on the right road before you start preparing, you must obtain the right advice. The main reason why students don't prepare effectively is that they can't find the right advice. Therefore, it would be best to speak with someone who has already gone through it successfully or seek out online MDCAT preparation gurus.

3. Make up for your shortcomings

Once you know how to prepare and try, you need to identify your shortcomings. A student can, for instance, lack the aptitude to attempt and solve the paper or be poor in a specific area. So, identifying and addressing one's flaws will be a highly secure approach.

4. Create a schedule.

Even if you look at the cosmos, its system is obligated to follow the schedule by which various environmental changes occur. Therefore, everyone ought to be aware of the significance of a schedule. Create a good schedule that takes into account the time and curriculum to increase your chances of success. Keep in mind that editing is necessary so that everything is always obvious.

5. Use internet resources for MDCAT training

Use of online MDCAT entry test preparation tools that offer a setting comparable to a sample exam is a smart option. The students who want to study for the MDCAT online must go to websites that offer both training and the greatest preparation for the exam.

6. Examine old tests

Studying the previous year's papers is one of the finest strategies to get understanding of any exam. You should study previous exams, make a list of any crucial questions, then take the test as though it were the actual thing. Well, you may get these papers from a store or online. This will not only help you improve the exam's subject matter, but it will also teach you how to manage your time.

7. Remain calm and unwind.

Always have an optimistic attitude. To achieve your intended goals, have faith in God and work hard. Students may experience challenging mental circumstances, such as sadness and anxiety. They should always exhibit emotional intelligence, not only during tests but during all

Best resources for preparing for the MDCAT entrance test Online

You can prepare online by using any of the premium or free MDCAT preparation websites listed here.

  • Learn-Pakistan (Paid): This website offers a selection of entrance exams to improve students' online preparation.
  • EntryTestMcqs (free): This website is regarded as the best and is free. It shows a cross symbol if you make a mistake. More than 400 MCQs are available on this website, which is more than enough for preparation.
  • GoTest (free): This website also offers a large number of MCAT multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for many disciplines including biology, physics, and chemistry.
  • GeekMCQ (free): This website offers MCQs and their solutions as a convenient method to prepare.